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An American Songline - "Lincoln Highway Songs and Memories: A 10-Year Retrospective”

Friday, June 30, 2023
7:00 pm9:00 pm
Cece Otto in a Ford Model A during her coast-to-coast journey on the Lincoln Highway a decade ago.

Ten years ago, Cecelia “Cece” Otto made history by singing her way along the Lincoln Highway, performing concerts of vintage music from New York to California over six adventure-filled months. In this interactive musical presentation, she looks back on her journey and talks about life along the highway today versus 100 years ago — and of course, you’ll hear some of the timeless vintage songs that became part of this unforgettable trip!

When she first conceived An American Songline, Cece wanted to follow a historic route that would let her travel the entire country — and as it happened, the Lincoln was just about to celebrate its 100th birthday. With a program of 20 songs ranging from opera to show tunes, Cece traveled from one end of the highway to the other, giving concerts in each state along the route — 30 performances in all. She took part in the centennial celebration for the highway in Kearney, Nebraska; rode in a parade in Jefferson, Iowa; and gave the first-ever scheduled concert at the annual Dam Jam in Rockport, Utah, among many other highlights.

About Cece:
Cecelia “Cece” Otto is a classically trained singer, composer, international best-selling author and historian who has performed in venues all over the world both as a soloist and in ensemble. She graduated from Perpich Arts High School, went on to study linguistics and music at Macalester College, and later earned the first (and only) Interdepartmental Dual Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance and Composition from the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver. In 2013, she completed her cross-country musical journey An American Songline, performing 30 concerts of historic vintage music on venues along the Lincoln Highway.
Cece then went on to create other historical programs such as The Songs of World War I, which was endorsed by the World War I Centennial Commission in Washington DC. She is currently touring with a program about the women’s suffrage movement and developing a concert program about Prohibition, and is an active member of several regional and national historical groups. She lives in Portland, Oregon, and has written books and recorded albums based on her research.

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