October 10, 2019

Hi Olga,

Now that the dust has settled on our Pennsylvania holiday I thought I’d write and thank you for your hospitality when we visited you on 12th August.

Before visiting Pennsylvania we were unaware of The Lincoln Highway, let alone its historic significance but our visit soon put that right! Our postcards also arrived back home before we did. After our visit we stayed in Ligonier (which we now know how to pronounce) for a couple of days before slightly changing plans to follow the Lincoln Highway through to Gettysburg. We found some of the roadside giants, particularly the Peach Truck and a couple of the murals as well as detouring to visit the Shoe House, none of which we had any idea of before visiting you. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the coffee pot so that gives us the excuse to go back someday. The 7 mile stretch was as spectacular as you said it would be and we really got a feel of the “hills and hollers” along it and the whole experience was a highlight of our 3 week holiday.

Since returning to the UK I have done a little research on the Lincoln Highway with a view to possibly hiring a motorcycle and riding coast to coast on as much of it as possible. This is turning out to be a mammoth undertaking, but I’m sure I’ll get there before too much time has passed.

Once again, thank you for a fun and enlightening visit



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