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A Lincoln Highway Driving Tour Through Fulton County

Travel Time: 3-6 hours (depending on how much time is spent at each location)

Travel Distance: Approximately 40 miles

This trip through historic Fulton County, "The Best Kept Secret In Pennsylvania," will introduce you to miles of this agricultural county's farming heritage. Keep your eyes peeled for the hundreds of unique barn quilts visible along the way. Bikes recommended!

  1. Begin your trip on the eastern end of Breezewood on Route 30 East. If you brought your bicycle, turn left onto Tannery Road less than a mile from Breezewood. (If you are not biking on this trip, skip to #2.) As soon as you make the turn, park your car and get ready to bike! Follow the "Pike 2 Bike" trails signs for the ABANDONED PA TURNPIKE. This 13 mile trail (26 miles roundtrip) was intended for the PA Turnpike but was abandoned after the turnpike was rerouted. Over the years it has been used for military exercises and was even the setting for the 2009 post-apocalyptic film "The Road." Along the trail are the Rays Hill Tunnel and the Sideling Hill Tunnel which give the trail an interesting scenic quality for biking. Bike as much or as little of the trail as you like.
  2. Continue on Route 30 East for approximately 17 miles. Look for some of the BARN QUILTS that can be seen from the road! These barn quilts are part of the largest barn quilt trail in Pennsylvania, with over 200 unique and hand-painted murals in Fulton County alone.
  3. Take the exit for Route 522 toward McConnellsburg. At the stop sign, turn right onto Route 522 S. In less than a mile, you'll arrive in McConnellsburg. At the stoplight, turn left onto Lincoln Way E, and the FULTON HOUSE is on the left shortly after. The FULTON HOUSE is the home of the Fulton County Historical Society and Museum (open to visitors Fridays and Saturdays in the summer) and features nearby Lincoln Highway signs and murals. Lincoln Way Collectibles, just down the road, houses a museum annex for the Fulton Co. Hist. Soc. as well. Also consider stopping at the Fulton Theater Welcome Center (112 N Second Street) and the Stoner Building (110 Lincoln Highway W) before leaving town. Many dining options are available in McConnellsburg if you are ready for a meal as well.
  4. Take Route 522 N then get on Route 30 E. In approximately 4 mile, turn left onto Aughwick Road just across from The Mountain House. Continue on Aughwick Road for approximately 6 miles until you arrive in Cowans Gap State Park. Cowans Gap State Park is a 1,085 acre park and 42 acre lake that offers swimming, picnicking, fishing, boating, and camping. Your options are unlimited!
  5. When you're ready to continue, turn left out of the State Park onto Aughwick Road and follow it north for approximately 6 miles. Then, merge onto Grist Mill Road. After the underpass, continue for less than a mile until you see the BURNT CABINS GRIST MILL on the left. Stop here to tour the historic water-powered grist mill which dates back to 1840 and still produces flour! It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.
  6. Turn left out of BURNT CABINS GRIST MILL onto Great Cove Road and continue straight onto Route 522. Follow Route 522 for approximately 4 miles. On the right side of the road, you'll see the monument and historical marker for FORT LITTLETON. Built for Pennsylvania Provincial soldiers in 1755, Fort Littleton (also spelled Lyttleton) was an essential supply depot for the British Army during the successful Forbes Campaign of 1758 tasked with capturing present-day Pittsburgh from the French during the Seven Years War. It was again occupied for a brief time by local militiamen in 1763 during Pontiac's Rebellion, but was abandoned by 1764.
  7. Continue on Route 522 for a few miles until you see THE NEW FORT RESTAURANT. Consider sitting down for a meal to finish the day!

Thank you for visiting Fulton County!


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