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A Lincoln Highway Driving Tour Through Adams County

Travel Time: 4-8 hours (depending on how much time is spent at each location)

Travel Distance: Approximately 40 miles

Enjoy a day of travel through Adams County featuring historic inns and restaurants, covered bridges, Civil War sites, and beautiful historic churches.

  1. Begin your trip at the westernmost end of the Lincoln Highway in Adams County near Michaux State Forest. Follow Route 30 East for less than a mile, then turn left into the parking lot for MISTER ED'S ELEPHANT MUSEUM & CANDY EMPORIUM. Stop in to experience artistic and unique elephant exhibits and enjoy some local sweets!
  2. About 500 feet down Route 30 East from MISTER ED'S, turn right onto Old Route 30 and continue for approximately 7 miles toward Cashtown, then turn right into the CASHTOWN INN parking lot. The historic CASHTOWN INN, built in 1797, has hosted countless travelers over the centuries, including the Confederate forces of Gen. A.P. Hill leading up to the Battle of Gettysburg in the summer of 1863.
  3. Get back on Old Route 30, then make an immediate left turn onto High St. In approximately 3/4 of a mile, cross Route 30 and continue straight onto Cashtown Road. Continue on Cashtown Road for approximately 1.5 miles, then turn right into the parking lot of the HISTORIC ROUND BARN & FARM MARKET. Take some time to explore the market and take some pictures with the unique barn!
  4. Turn left out of the HISTORIC ROUND BARN parking lot, then continue on Cashtown Road for approximately 1.5 miles before turning left onto Route 30 East. Continue on Route 30 East for approximately 8 miles until you arrive in downtown GETTYSBURG. The Battle of Gettysburg, fought July 1-3, 1863, was the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War. Considered by many historians to be the turning point of the Civil War, Gettysburg was a significant but costly victory for the Union Army with an estimated 50,000 combined casualties. There are numerous museums, historical markers, and historical sites available to the public, and one could spend anywhere from two hours to two days exploring. A few of the more notable places to visit include:
    1. Gettysburg National Military Park
    2. Shriver House Museum
    3. General Lee's Headquarters Museum
    4. Jennie Wade House Museum
    5. Seminary Ridge Museum
    6. Eisenhower National Historical Site
  5. Gettysburg is also a good place to stop for lunch or dinner! With plenty of options and themes, there is a place for all. A few local favorites include:
    1. The Dobbin House (Colonial Theme)
    2. The Blue & Gray Bar and Grill
    3. The Lincoln Diner
    4. Mason Dixon Distillery
    5. Battlefield Brew Works/Spirits of Gettysburg Distillery
    6. Black Horse Tavern (Bream Tavern)
    7. Mansion House 1757 Boutique Inn & Restaurant
  6. To see the SACHS COVERED BRIDGE, take State Route 15 South (Bus Route) at the traffic circle in Gettysburg for approximately 2 miles, then turn right onto Millerstown Road. Continue on Millerstown Road (which becomes Pumping Station Road) for approximately 1.5 miles, then turn left onto Waterworks Road, and arrive at the SACHS COVERED BRIDGE. After you've walked around and taken some pictures, retrace your steps back to downtown Gettysburg, and at the traffic circle, get back on Route 30 East.
  7. Continue on Route 30 East for approximately 8 miles, then turn right onto Fleshman Mill Road. Continue on Fleshman Mill Road for approximately 1.5 miles, then continue straight onto Kohler Mill Road. In approximately 1 mile, continue straight onto Irishtown Road. Follow Irishtown Road for 1/2 mile, then at the intersection go straight onto Black Lane. Continue straight for 1 mile, then turn right onto Chapel Road. Shortly after, take a left turn onto Basilica Road, and arrive at SACRED HEART BASILICA. The Basilica was completed in 1787, and is the oldest Catholic church in America made of stone. It is also believed to be the first church in the western hemisphere to bear the name of "Sacred Heart."
  8. Follow Basilica Road and Chapel Road back the way you came, then turn left at the intersection. Backtrack on Black Lane less than a mile, then turn right onto Mt. Misery Road. Then, take the first right turn onto Red Hill Road. In less than a mile, turn left onto Hanover Street and continue until you reach the traffic circle. Take the traffic circle 3/4 around onto Route 30 West, then in 500 feet, turn right into the parking lot for the NEW OXFORD TRAIN STATION. Enjoy some time walking around seeing the trains and the station. Right next to the train station is THE CHRISTMAS HAUS where you can stop in to experience some Christmas spirit! When you are ready to move on, hop right on Route 30 East, take the traffic circle halfway around, and continue on Route 30 East for 4 miles.
  9. When you arrive in Abbottstown at the traffic circle, you'll see the ALTLAND HOUSE on the left. The historic ALTLAND HOUSE, which dates back to the 1760s, is a great option for dinner at the end of your day!
  10. Another option for dining is SIDNEY TAVERN a few miles north. At the Abbottstown traffic circle, make a 3/4 turn onto N. Queen St. (Route 194) and head north for approximately 3.5 miles. SIDNEY TAVERN is on the corner of Abbottstown Road and King St.
  11. Next, turn right onto East King St. and continue for less than a mile until you come to SWIGART'S MILL on the right. The mill was built in 1794 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. This brings you to the easternmost edge of Adams County!

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