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History of the Lincoln Highway

"See America First" - that's what Americans were saying once the Lincoln Highway opened in 1913.  Why be held to a train schedule, when the price of cars was coming down and adventure was calling?  Filling stations, tourist cabins, motor courts, restaurants, and postcards weren't far behind.

In 1925, the Lincoln Highway was finally completed. In that same year, the Federal Highway Administration eliminated named roads and began a system of numbered highways.   In Pennsylvania, much of the Lincoln Highway became Route 30. 

In 1928, concrete markers were erected almost every mile along the entire route.  Few remain today. 

In 2000, we installed 150 colorful wooden and metal roadside signs along the historic alignments of the 200 miles of PA's Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor - Irwin in the west to Abbottstown in the east.

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