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Roadside Giants of the Lincoln Highway

LHHC Museum building

During early Lincoln Highway days, business owners were intrigued with all the automobiles traveling the Lincoln Highway. In an effort to capture the business of these new motorists, some entrepreneurs created larger-than-life buildings in quirky shapes. Structures like Bedford’s 2 ½ story Coffee Pot, or the Shoe House in York are great examples of Roadside Giants of the Lincoln Highway.

In 2008, the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor secured funding from the Sprout Fund in Pittsburgh for a new kind of Roadside Giants of the Lincoln Highway. High school boys and girls enrolled in five different Career and Technology Schools along the 200-mile Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor were invited to create their own Giant that would be permanently installed along the old Lincoln. The project involved collaboration among the schools’ graphic arts, welding, building trades, and culinary arts departments. Students in the latter created a supersized cake in the same shape as the roadside giant to be shared with the community at the unveiling of each ‘giant’. A structural engineer was hired to provide professional guidance to the design and installation. Expertise and guidance from Community Committees was exceptional; they really connected with the students. These Roadside Giants are great photo opportunities! Click the pictures to enlarge.

1920s Packard Car and Driver


The City of Greensburg was eager to host this 1920s Packard Car and Driver on Tollgate Hill Road, by the entrance to the City’s Mt. Odin Golf Course.

Students from Central Westmoreland Career and Technology Center crafted this 12’ high vintage vehicle.

1940s Bennett Gas Pump


The 25’ high and 4,900 lb. replica of a 1940s Bennett Gas Pump was designed and fabricated by students at Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center in Latrobe, PA.

It is located at the intersection of Route 30 West and Route 259 North.

Bicycle Built for Two


Weighing in at over 1,800 lbs., this Bicycle Built for Two was created by Somerset County Technology Center students who were paying homage to the Great Allegheny Passage Bike Trail that meanders through Somerset County.

It is located on Route 30 East near the intersection with Route 219 South.

Oversized Quarter


This oversized Quarter was chosen by students at the Bedford County Technical Center because of their area’s strong connection to the first President.

Weighing nearly a ton, it is mounted at the entrance to Down River Golf Course, on the Lincoln Highway, just east of Everett.

1921 Selden Pick-up Truck

Franklin County Career and Technology Center students knocked themselves out with their attention to detail when building this amazing 1921 Selden Pick-up Truck. The greater Chambersburg area has a strong agricultural heritage.

This Roadside Giant is located on the Lincoln Highway next to Shatzer’s Fruit Market, just west of Chambersburg.

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