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Franklin County

LHHC Museum building

Yesterday & Today in Franklin County

Downtown ChambersburgSettlers had been in the region since the 1720's, however the population did not increase until Native Americans relinquished lands in the area after 1764. In 1784, Franklin County was established with the county seat located in Chambersburg.

During the Civil War, the city of Chambersburg was occupied three times by Confederate forces. In 1864, the Confederates held the town captive and demanded a ransom. However, the town did not comply and was burned. The town was rebuilt as the picture depicts a view of Chambersburg today.

Franklin County is a place of transition for the Lincoln Highway. It is relatively flat at the eastern end of the county through Caledonia State Park and Fayetteville. But when heading west of Chambersburg and St.Thomas, the gradual hills climb to mountains as you pass Fort Loudon. Travelers through Franklin County will find breathtaking views, specialty shops, restaurants and attractions. The Chambersburg Heritage Center is located at the center of town.

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