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Bedford County

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Yesterday & Today in Bedford County

In 1750, settlement began in Bedford County when Robert MacRay established a trading post in the region. Caught in the middle of French and British hostilities as well as Indian attacks, the settlers found it difficult to live in the area. Fort Bedford, a garrison, and Forbes Road were built by the British in the 1750s.

Eventually, the British defeated the French, which resulted in more migration to the area. The region prospered due to the fort's location on a major route in Pennsylvania.

President George Washington stayed at the Espy House in Bedford during the 1794 Whiskey Rebellion. In the 19th Century, the Bedford Springs Hotel was a popular spot for the wealthy and influential. President James Buchanan used the hotel as his summer White House. After being closed for approximately 20 years, the Bedford Springs Resort and Spa reopened in 2007 after a $125 million makeover.

Agriculture, commerce, industry and tourism flourished in the county's earlier days. Today, the county is still a hub of activity. The Lincoln Highway, Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstates I-70 and I-99 bring travelers through the county. Visitors find a host of charming communities with shops and attractions.

Schellsburg Farm
The Bison Corral, Schellsburg

The Coffee Pot
The restored Coffee Pot

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